Sailing Story - Hat Yai - Chinese New Year

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    Hat Yai - Songkhla Province

Chinese New Year
    Hat Yai is the biggest city of the Songkhla Province and the largest metropolitan area in Southern Thailand.

    We have been there twice now for short stays but since the last bombings have decided to avoid the area, except for the airport when necessary.

It is such a shame because the people are suffering from the lack of tourists, not just Farangs (as they call us) but the Malaysians as well.

When we were there we met up with Tun’s brother and family, who treated us to dinner at a popular local restaurant out of town, then we came back to the city for a massive display of firecrackers and Dragons for the Chinese New Year.
    The markets are huge but quiet and it was a treat to find western food at the local supermarkets.

    They have MacDonald’s and Steakhouses and we went to a Cowboy bar where a very funny magician played tricks on us and managed to catch a glimpse of breast and a kiss through his amusing trickery!
    We visited temples and saw some fascinating things in shops dotted throughout the city. The food was varied, tasty and plentiful, the accommodation was good and the pool was a most welcome treat from the heat of the day.

    We hope that things in the south will settle down soon before the damage for some businesses is irreversible.