Sailing Story - Our Home Cruising Ground - Randalls Bay Looking South

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Stay At Our Home In Tasmania

    Sailing - Home Cruising Ground

Randalls Bay and Port Sorell - Tasmania
    My home is nestled on a cliff top overlooking the mouth of the Huon River where we can view five islands, the gap to the south pole and when we are lucky, enjoy the spectacle of the southern lights! This area is definitely Tasmania's best Cruising Ground as it is relatively sheltered and offers myriads of cosy, quiet little anchorages and endless shores to search for flotsam and jetsam or just enjoy the scenery.
The local Atlantic salmon farms provide us with an endless supply of food as seals regularly destroy their nets allowing us to reap the benefits of finders-keepers!
These beautiful creatures destroy our nets too but delight us with their cheekiness as we race to beat them to our catch!
Often we sail past them as they slumber after eating their fill. Penguins are commonly seen here too as well as large octopi and seahorses.
Crystal clear water abounds allowing us a birds-eye view of the fascinating kelp forests of this region.

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    Mike’s hideaway is in Port Sorell Tasmania where he can hop across the road to check on the Gannett resting on her pegs in Muddy Creek, an estuary that is home to many traditional wooden boats and is steeped in history.
    The small slipway here is where he teamed up with Murray Griffiths and others to learn the dying art of traditional wooden boat repair and restoration.

    The Gannett, like many beautiful old timber vessels, was under threat of being burned or destroyed as happens to so much of our historic icons but because of people like Murray who are willing to pass on knowledge, and Mike having the interest in old ways, we can still enjoy these valuable pieces of our past.

    The Rubicon estuary leads out to Bass Straight which is not as sheltered as down south but offers enjoyable short hops to the Tamar River, another beautiful area to explore or weather permitting, north-east to the Cruising Ground of the Furneaux group of islands.

    Locally, good runs of couta can be found, not forgetting oysters, mussels and abundant other treats for the devoted fisherman.

    One might ask why we left such a place (I often do!) but we want to explore through south-east Asia while we are young and fit enough and then return home where hopefully too much hasn't changed.

Map Of Randalls Bay And Port Sorell, Tasmania, Australia