Sailing Story - PSS Shipyard - Fishing Fleet Ban Che Bilung, Thailand

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    PSS Shipyard - Satun

A Busy Shipyard
    Whimoway has been on the hardstand here for 9 months whilst the restoration of the yacht Cariad continues. The yard is on a river, and the town where it is located, Ban Che Bilung, is home to a large fishing fleet.

A large barge navigates through here laden with bricks and whilst we were on the mooring we had to be on constant alert for its arrival, as there is not much room for error.

We have made many friends here and how they manage to do their work with limited modern equipment never ceases to amaze us.

They moved a mast weighing 2 tonnes one day by lifting one end with a crane and placing the other on a ute!
    They climb into drums which are lifted by crane to construct frames or even change light bulbs! As boats come in to be docked they swim under them to place them in position on the trolleys. At the moment they are constructing a new concrete jetty basically by hand although they built a piledriver on rails to ram in the concrete pylons.

    It is a very busy yard and caters for local boats as well as foreign yachts. For Chinese New Year the management provided staff with a feast of food, entertainment and karaoke and on Mike’s birthday Miss Oh made him a cake!

    We certainly wish to be sailing again but will miss these fine people. PSS Shipyard, Satun Thailand.