Sailing Adventure - Careening On Island, West Of Sulawesi

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Stay At Our Home

Stay At Our Home In Tasmania

    Boat Restoration
     - SV Whimoway

    Repairing Whimoway
     - Dinah Beach

    Our First Sailing Trip
     - Darwin To Gove

     - Gove Australia

    Gove To Darwin
     - Heading Back

    Saumlaki Rally
     - Indonesia

     - To Babar Island

    Damar Island
     - To Alor Island

    Alor Island
     - Flores, Bone Rate

    Tiger Islands
     - Matasiri Island

     - Kumai River,
     - Kalimantan

    Karimata Islands
     - Sail to Singapore

    Sailing Story
     - Singapore

    Malacca Malaysia

    Danga Bay
     - Pangkor Island

    Sailing Adventure - SV Whimoway

The First Fish
    This was our first catch of the journey. It's a Queenfish and it took the bait whilst we rounded Cape Don for the first time, right in the middle of the worst of the slop! Cape Don was calm that day luckily so I took the helm whilst Mike landed it and chose to use his fathers tomahawk to put it out of its misery, then unfortunately lost it overboard.
Blood the Deck

    The term “blood the deck” is apparently what you call the first catch of a fishing trip.

Map Of Our Trip Through Asia