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    Satun - Thailand

Plenty To Do In The South
    Satun town is in the south of Thailand near the Malaysian border, a one hour ferry trip from Langkawi. The ferry terminal is 15 minutes from town and for entering yachts, you will find both the Harbour Master and Customs here, whereas Immigration is in town.

    Satun province faces the Andaman Sea and possesses picturesque islands, tropical and mangrove forests, rice paddies and mountains.

Most tourists head out to the islands of Tarutao National Park including Ko Lipe, an increasingly popular yet peaceful spot.

Around Satun, there are plenty of interesting sights, including Thale Ban National Park and several waterfalls which can be found towards the Malaysian border.

We have rented an old timber house in the town located in a coconut plantation.

This traditional timber house is one of three built for teaching staff at a local school about 40 years ago.

    The people of Satun are very friendly and represent a mixture of cultures and all seem to enjoy the array of festivals on offer throughout the year.

    So far we have seen both the Chinese Nine God festival and New Year, the Thai Songkran (water festival) and the late evening feasting of the Malay influenced Ramahdan.

    There is a fair in town at present and last month was the kite festival. Daily there are small restaurants scattered everywhere also varying in their cuisine. My favourites are Dim Sum for breakfast and Wonton soup for tea, but I also like Gai Pad Ka Prow and the list could go on!

    These eateries vary from little stalls to tastefully decorated restaurants, some with water features, statues and tropical plants, others nestled on the tidal streams throughout the town.

    Westerners are catered for as well, the main place being On’s Living Room, a popular place for yachties on their border run from Langkawi.

Nightlife is busy too with karaoke bars, cowboy bars and folk bars which regularly feature popular Thai bands.

It is a little gem which has little to no western influence evident as yet and we hope it will stay that way for a while at least.

It appears to be a productive place and there are lots of new houses being built as well as a new bus terminal and public pool.
    Most things you need can be bought here from the numerous little businesses dotted about the town as well as the local markets. The lack of large chain stores is great because everyone can have a go at making a living without the domination of the elite, a lifestyle which sadly has all but disappeared from Australia.

    One other prominent feature of this area is birdcages everywhere! They house a native singing bird and owners regularly meet and compare whose bird sings the sweetest. I haven’t attended one as it seems to be a predominately male past time.

    In the Satun Gallery I have included some shots of these cages as well as other features of Satun town.